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06 April, 2015 Causes Two
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 In giving them a comprehensive Jewish education, you will be giving them the gift that parents most want to give – a solid basis for a happy life. In the beginning of the school year 2015-2016, in the month of September, Atid Fund was able to provide tuition assistance to four different children and this is just the beginning.
Atid Fund strives to assist as many parents as possible to achieve their wish of sending their child to a Jewish school. It is very hard or practically impossible for a single parent to send their children to Yeshiva.

The cost of living is very High! A recent calculation shows that in the United States, an alarming amount of Jewish people have assimilated to non Jewish status within the last century. This is why, we at Atid Fund are asking all members of the Jewish community to join this mission and help our Jewish community fight assimilation. If you are a single parent, and you would like to send your child to a Yeshiva, please contact us today for more information about financial assistance. We can help you with transitioning your child from public school to a Yeshiva. Amid Fund has necessary connections with all local Yeshivas. Contact us today!

  • Contact us if you are a single parent in need of tuition for your child.
  • Contact us for us to help your child transition from public school to Yeshiva.
  • Get in touch with us if you are interested in donating to Atid Fund.
  • Contact us if you would like to volunteer for us today!.


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Atid Fund

Atid Fund is a not for profit organization with the mission to help Jewish Families fund a child's Jewish education.