Atid Fund- Making The Transition

Making the transition from free public school to tuition-based day school can be a hassle and a financial burden. However, Atid Fund makes it possible for Children to receive funding for a Jewish education and not have money burden a child’s Jewish education. Atid Fund offers a wide range of assistance, so that every family sincerely interested in giving their child a comprehensive Jewish education can do so

Children develop rapidly and we emphasize early Jewish Education that is engaging, rewarding, and enriched with Judaism.

With Atid Fund, Children can enjoy an inviting,rich, and rewarding Jewish Education

Jewish Traditions

Jewish traditions are principle thought in households, but illuminated and embedded in teaching environments. With a proper Jewish education, we help grow the future of tomorrow and continue our Jewish Traditions.

img-blog-details-01By ensuring that families have access to the best possible formal Jewish education for their children, Atid Fund ensures the Jewish future by supporting pre-schools and day schools.

By working with a variety of Jewish Schools, we provide tuition to families to assist them in their commitment to full time Jewish education.


  • Atid Fund is designed to support our children throughout the year, through their adolescence, teen years and young adulthood
  • Atid Fund provides children with tools to engage children in our community
  • We also provide guidance needed in developing a productive and engaging participation in our Jewish community