16 Feb

Atid Fund – Tuition for Jewish Education

Venue :
Date : 16-02-2016
Time : 12:00 PM
ATID Fund is a not-for-profit organization with a facility in New York. It was started with the aim of helping Jewish kids from needy families to have access to Jewish education. We understand that many members of our community are in dire need of kindness from those who have the means to help. In times when they feel like there isn’t a safety net, we want to make them feel that they can rely on us. We work with each distressed person and family to develop a comprehensive and personalized plan that draws on the ATID Fund social and educational services that are given for free. We help fund a child’s Jewish education. And with your donation, we can give a child that gift most parents want to provide but couldn’t. [blockquote]Knowledge is power[/blockquote] event-details-img


We believe that education is the basis for a happy life. It prepares children for rewarding careers, through access to a wide range of academic subjects that prove useful through to adulthood. With the gift of education, kids have an opportunity to change the course of their lives, and help their parents and family enjoy a better way of living. , This is why ATID Fund makes it possible for kids to receive funding for Jewish education. Money doesn’t have to be a burden to families who are sincerely interested in giving their child an opportunity to receive comprehensive education. In keeping with our beliefs and tradition, we emphasize on Jewish education that is rewarding, engaging and centered on Judaism. This is our way of ensuring that the future of tomorrow will grow and Jewish traditions would continue and be passed down from one generation to the next. We work with different Jewish schools for children to get full time Jewish education. Our support is provided throughout the year, and right through to young adulthood. Part of our comprehensive plan is to instill in children the culture of participation and productivity within the Jewish community. ATID Fund cares for the young minds that should be nurtured, but lack the means to do so. Through this organization we can make a difference to the lives of children from needy families.